[UNPAID] BATTLE ROYALE Game | Looking for Developers, Texture designer, blender assets maker

Job Type:




Job Description:

Making a Battle Royale game
I am searching for developers for ue4, level designer, general designer and contents for the game. As well I want to create a group
of people who yung, creative and ready to make a known game. You should have experience in the listed thing (in not all of them), but
you dont need to be the best in these things. (the project is for learning to work in a group)
There is no name for the game right now as well as for the company, i want to chose these things together with a team to include all the
creative aspect from you.

Skill & Requirements:

Experince with C++, Blueprints, Level Designing,Texture designing, General designing and contents, who get ideas for new items and stuff.

How to Apply:

DM @nasucco#7557 on discord