[UNPAID] Archviz Project

Project Title:
Rustic Chic Home

An application to tour the inside of a rustic house. This project want to loock like:

  • Have extra work to our portfolio.
  • Learn something about UE4 (making materials, setting illumination, blueprints configuration, compiling a project etc.)

Team Name:
Rustic Home Group

Team Structure and Talent Required:

  • Angel Alías (Project Creator, 3D Artist)
  • Available (3D modeler)
  • Available (2D Artist)
  • Available (UE4 programer)
  • I can perform all these tasks. If someone has no experience in any job I can help and teach you how to do it. The goal is to learn and help each other.

Aprox. time required:

I think we will have enought in one month. Considering we all have works and things to do and this project will be a hobby.

Skype: angel.alias3

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

I am still loocking for partners :slight_smile: