[UNPAID] AQP - Engineer and Programmer Needed -- Mid Sized Adventure Game

Project Title:

AQP is a first person adventure game focused around suspense, and mystery. It’s a semi-open world game with linear storytelling. You play as a lone survivor on their journey to what could be sanctuary, in a world that’s gone silent, and empty. You won’t need weapons to survive, but your wits and instinct. This game is based off a film from Paramount Pictures.

Additional information:
This will be a 5-10 minute demo, and will be pitched for licensing, then funding to make the full game. I have experience of successful game pitches/demos, that received funding from a publisher.


  • Suspenseful adventure/atmosphere.
  • Horror genre elements.
  • Semi-open world environments. (e.g. Alan Wake, Until Dawn).
  • Focus on narrative.

Team Name:

Team Structure**:**
Joseph Caddell (Project Creator)
3D Modeling, uv mapping, texturing, lighting, set dressing/level design

Matt Will Post (Narrative Writer)
Narrative design, character development, dialogue

Experience & Previous Work (Most notable – (to many to list)****:
Unannounced animated feature - HALON Entertainment –
Jurassic World: VR Expedition - The Virtual Reality Company –
Unannounced game/film - Happy Mushroom
Unannounced feature film - Fox VFX Labs
Outreach - PixelSpill –

Portfolio –

Talent Required:

Mid-level to Senior Engineer (1)

  • Demonstrated proficiency in C++.
  • Proficient with linear algebra and general 3D mathematics.
  • Comfortable working with internal and externally developed code.
  • A natural curiosity for all aspects of game development and a willingness to work on a wide variety of systems.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and passionate about making video games.
  • Experience shipping titles on PS4 and PC. (Familiar with PS4 and PC TRC’s).
  • Experience with real-time physics, animation, and inverse kinematics.
  • A passion for adventure games, as well as games with a strong narrative, and suspense.

Junior to mid-level Gameplay Programmer (1)

  • Programming content like player movement, animation, AI, weapons, user interface and scripting.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Strong knowledge of C++ and Blueprints.
  • Work closely with design, animation and art teams to best realize game vision.
  • Strong sensibilities in designing and implementing compelling gameplay experience.
  • Write well structured, maintainable, and performant gameplay code.
  • Design and implement gameplay systems and features.
  • A passion for adventure games, as well as games with a strong narrative, and suspense.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: VertexHero

Hey all, still looking for people to join.

Still looking for an engineer and a programmer. I found one programmer, but would like to have options.

Hey all, project is still in the works, and would like the additional help. :slight_smile:

Hey all, still looking for these roles. Also we’re making great progress for the narrative, which we’ll use snippets of for the demo.

To attract people it would be a good idea to show what you have archieved so far in the last half year, e.g. 3d models, levels.

Very true, I just don’t have any at the moment. I’m hoping to have some soon though. I’m more focused on gameplay mechanics, and the narrative.

Still looking to fill these roles. I’ve been doing art for my portfolio to keep it up to date, for jobs. but I will have some art for this project soon. I’m mostly interested in grey boxing for gameplay mechanics and narrative first and foremost. Then dive into the art.