[UNPAID] AI Programmer Wanted for Proof of Concept

Project Title:
Cipher (working/code name title)

Cipher is going to become a Third Person Sci Fi Shooter, set in the not to distant future, looking to include a multi-player and single player modes. This project all started as I’m a sound designer and was looking to expand my portfolio however through various teams projects kept falling through, so I decided to create a project myself that leant itself towards sound design and a concept that interesting thing could be done in terms of sound design and implementation. the currently story / plot lines is still being created. however the basis of a game is there and playable however now I’ve hit a bump in the road I cant seem to get past.

Talent Required:
AI Programmer

I’m looking for a AI programmer to create enemies for the project. A few specific requirements for the AI are:

  1. be able to roam the level with either random point and/or given ways points, and to have multiple AI’s roam different path
  2. Use AI perception of sight and hearing to be able to spot the player
  3. have the AI enter a “combat mode” and move to the player or move to cover (depending on say a distance to the player)
  4. obviously attacking the player
  5. be able to crouch into cover to create a more tactical fire fight
  6. if in cover check and shoot

a few other points to mention is that I would want to the AI to move in direct lines so from the AI position straight to the player rather have then pick a random point and move around with a given location making it more life like. Also to have the AI to fire weapons in burst single shot and not just constant.

examples:https://youtube.com/watch?v=0YmcSBBXxtohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOZKxQ3pypYhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=2lronnPJ840also the shooter examples would be great too!

Hope you can help me as I could really to with it and contact me any time with question or just to chat.


E-mail: lewisbean.audio@gmail.com
Skype: lewisbean@hotmail.com