[Unpaid] - AAA Gamedev looking to indie

Hi, my name is Sam Chester. I’m currently working as a Lead Character Artist in the games industry on (REDACTED secret stuff REDACTED). I have almost 20 years experience in the art of game development, and have worked on a range of platforms and games, from budget right up to AAA games as a service titles. You can see my online portfolio here for examples of the sort of games I’ve worked on: www.SamChester.co.uk

The games I make professionally, are very different to the games I like to play, and what I find visually inspiring. I love small scale indie titles such as Kentucky Route Zero/ Limbo/ Inside/ Night in The Woods etc. and would love to develop something on a similar scale. The range of styles, emotion and technique found in these smaller scale games is really inspiring to me.

I have started (VERY early) prototyping my own idea in this vein, but can see how much work it will be to even get a small slice up and running. Game Design/ Narrative/ Blueprints aren’t something I work with day-to-day so I can clearly see where my abilities lie in those spaces! The protoype I’m looking at is a small adventure/ puzzle game with a strong narrative and colourful, stylized visuals. You can see a bit of the first scene here:

I’d love to team up with some other people in similar situations - professional game-devs, that undesrtand deadlines, scale, priorities, and would like to collaborate on something small scale and see where it goes. A game-designer who knows blueprints inside out, but struggles with artwork would be perfect - but I’m open to collaborate with all disciplines!