[UNPAID] 3D Environment Artist - Offering free manpower

Hello, i’m a 3D generalist from italy with 4y of experience in the VFX industry.
As a technician coming from another “world”, i would like to work on real time projects/environments, in order to increase my knowledge/build a little realtime envys portfolio.

I’m here to offer FREE man hours, up to 15hrs per week for the whole month of december.

Software skills: Maya, S.Painter, a little Zbrush, Houdini, Nuke, Adobe Suite and of course UE.

Feel free to contact me if you need a boost in man hours for 0 costs.



Hello do you have an email or discord? I’d like to demonstrate our project to you

Hi, are you still available for env art / VFX in real-time projects? It’s a 3D, multi-perspective (1st and 3rd person), magic-based battle game intended for console and PC…with an emphasis on interactivity in levels / maps. I would tell more details if you respond that you are available to see if you’re further interested. The future potential is revenue share, even if now you work for free. Actually, we’re working on it for free so far, but trying to get experienced developer help.

Hey, I am working on a PS1 style game. Would you be interested in making a couple of small environments?

I need someone to build a background of a stage for a green screen screen I’ve shot at a political rally for a short film im making, and will be submitting to the Tribeca film festival.
It’s an anti fascism themed film.

It’s ultra low budget, but I will pay you something for your time.

Hello , we are Ancient Gears and working on Adanath now. It is side scroller action adventure game . you may see more in the google drive folder for screen shots gifs and GDD. we are looking for a tea mate who can help us creating intersting and epic environments . if you are intrested please catch me via discord please .