[UNPAID] 3D Artists + Animators + 2D Artists For An SCP Game

SCP: Broken God

A Survival Horror game based in the SCP Universe Developed Within UE4. The game has been making good progress and our Discord is filled with people who all want to work together to create an awesome game.

Made by the community, for the community. We don’t expect to make any profit, but that might change further down the line.

Talent Required:

3D Artist:

  • Realistic Art style. Character modelling + Props (such as chairs, tables etc).
  • Any Software, providing it works with UE4.
  • Decent Knowledge of 3D Art, ideally 1 years experience.
  • Able to create high-quality materials in-engine.


  • Rigging and animating various character models including monsters.
  • Good weight painting.
  • IK Experience.
  • Able to harness UE4’s Animation capabilities.

2D Artist:

  • Good at Designing 2D Environments.
  • Good at creating Character Art.

Please Message Az#8405 or SirDiabo#6933 or MEPHIS#4038 on Discord.

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