Unpacking .pak file URGENT

By mistake i copied wrong files and then recovered my notebook ( i had there my game for the whole-year project )
But i still have package file and want to unpack it but i don´t know how …
Please help me i really need it

The *.pak files would have come from the packaged game, not the project in the editor. We see tons of posts like this; from accounts with next to no posts. It usually leads me, as well as many others, to suspect that you’re trying to unpack files that someone else made and rip their content.

Yeah i know but i don’t lie ( A bit confusing situation because you have no reason to trust me ) and i really need it

What do I do to trust me? ( I can send you my files )

You can’t get useful content back out of a packaged file. Models and animations have been converted to some internal format, textures lossy compressed, blueprints are compiled and the graphs can’t be reconstructed, etc. If you lost the source data, consider the entire project lost…

It doesnt matter if we trust you XD
Its forbidden in any way.
Soon someone will close this topic too.

And another topic will open… wich will be closed then too.
This pak question thing exists since a while now :3

If for optimization purposes, you can do indeed:

Also to learn more about it, you can just spend sometime at the engine code :wink:

How to open or import .Pak files in unreal editor 4?