Unofficial unreal engine support community

Here are some links to a really helpful discord I know this from experience. Unreal Tip

Very friendly community with super fast replies to unreal engine support questions. . Thanks for the share.

Putting together a plan to get 30 discord boosts so we can have more robust features on the Unreal Tip Discord. With the 30 boost we will be able to share unreal engine example project files rather effortlessly . We could share some of our unreal content without leaning the channel. Pretty cool. Even on 15 boosts we can create private threads that allow collaboration on group projects

If anyone wants to join a group “Open World” project with many developers all working on it together .We are putting it together in the Unreal Tip discord. It will be open source and have “Ready Player One” looks and feels. Would be a really fun project if your learning or if your a professional.