Unofficial Maya LiveLink update for custom attributes and 2015 support

The current release of the LiveLink plugin for Maya does not have support for custom curves. It also does not support Maya 2015.

I have created a patch that adds support for Maya 2015 and user defined attributes on the root joint. Compiled binaries are included in the repo for 2015. For 2016 and above you have to compile the plugin yourself.…stomAttributes
Pull-request created on Github here.

Supports 4.22 and 4.23. The 4.22 plugin is deprecated for 4.23, so it is not recommended to use that combination as Epic replaced how curves are replicated.


  • Maybe add support for blend shape curves. You can still replicate curves by adding them as attributes on the root joint. Drive the root joint attribute with the blend shape value.

I have created an update for the plugin. Custom attributes are now supported without needing connections or keyframes. I have also added custom curves support for 4.23 based on the Preview 1 release.

I have now created a pull-request to the official repository, which can be seen here.

Nice. I literally just finished repackaging the same thing for Blender - had no idea Maya was without this too!

Did you do it for Bone Breaker or something separate?

To be able to publish on unreal marketplace I had to separate the 2 plugins. The FBX handler is published under GPL so there would have been issues trying to publish a modified version of it…

Maybe I am misunderstanding you, but how does FBX relate to Live Link? Do you mean that your Live Link-stream was added in the non-FBX plugin?

No it isn’t related at all, except for the curve managment part being a missing piece for blender.
Idk though, maybe I should look into a similar solution. Especially now that Python scripting is extended within the engine maybe the possibility is finally there…

Does the latest version of the official plugin support curves now? The live link curve debugger documentation mentions Maya but I can’t get it to work.

I have seen nothing in the patch-notes regarding custom curves and my pull request has been completely ignored since July. I might do a new pass on the latest code for 4.23 and make a new pull request.

It seems they have moved some of the plugins out of the main repo. If I found the correct path, this is the new place. I will see if I can do an update here after I tested it with 4.23.

I tested the latest version of the plugin and it does not support curves. I have however created a new pull request with the necessary changes, see link below.

Thanks. I hope Epic accepts your pull request soon. Baffling that curves from Maya aren’t officially supported yet!

Just saw your pull request got merged. Too bad the custom attributes feature (what I was waiting for) didn’t make it. Darn!

Yeah, it was a slight bummer. I do understand that they want custom curves to work for all streamed subjects before merging the feature. If you really need the feature, it is probably faster if you attempt to build it yourself for now.