Unofficial DMX in Unreal MegaThread. 4.26+

Is there a recommended show designer software that can link into Unreal for creating ‘chases’, light patterns, etc? I specifically work with water features. Depence is an option but it is very expensive. Thx

I got really excited about GrandMA3 - Vectorworks - Unreal all being able to use the GDTF specs, but at this point a Datasmith export from VWX Spotlight just gives me spotlight mesh actors, even with each VWX lighting fixture associated with a GDTF profile.

Is there some plan for making more data transferable, even enabling MVR imports?

Hey Pharma,
Yes, there are plans in the works for better GDTF support as well as MVR going forward. It will be in the UE5 timeframe, but absolutely there will be more support for these formats.

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I’ve been trying to get DMX to work with controlling material texture colors + dimmer, but I’m still unable to get the dimmer part to work as intended through MagicQ.
I have been following this tutorial so far Control Unreal Objects and Parameters with DMX - YouTube and it has addressed on how to manipulate material colors but it sadly does not address stuff like dimmer in order to be able to adjust it in MagicQ.
Any help on how to do this would be appreciated!

Intensity would just be an overall multiplier of the color assuming you are using an emissive material. Just add a multiply node and use the dimmer to multiply by a scaling factor. Say like 10. So if you have dimmer at full you multiply the color by 10.

Hello! Thank you for your reply!
I do have one question about that proposed solution though, how would you be able to control that multiply node using the dimmer node through MagicQ using an actor blueprint like in the tutorial?
Would it be another Set Vector Parameter Value On Materials node? Or would it be through another kind of node?

I would probably use a set scalar paramter if it is just 1 value being changed. Make sure on your instance it is named properly and it should be pretty easy to rig up. Alternatively you could use a material parameter collection if you wanted, but it’s not necessary.