Unnamed Wild West Open World Game

I’ve decided I’d like to be very proactive about promoting my game, despite its very early WIP status.

First off, have a video:

Now let me explain that I’ve scrapped the work done in that video as it was fairly buggy and difficult to expand on.
It does stand however as a good proof-of-concept example of some of the game’s basic features.

The above videos should give a better idea of where the project currently stands.
For more information about the game check out the About/FAQ section of my devblog:

Hey ! Cool project sir. Nice eventory system. If you need help for character or map design Contact me !
Good luck !

I’ve put a quick tutorial together as a part of my continued work on this project.

I don’t think this isn’t a terribly complicated or difficult feature to put together.
But I’ve had people ask me how I do it.

Here’s an example video of the sort of result you can expect:

Please keep in mind my tutorial doesn’t cover setting up the animations or controls for the horse itself or your character.
This tutorial is simply designed to get your character on the horse and put you in control of it.

You can find the tutorial here:

can you make a tutorial of how you made the bow and animation?

The bow and its animations were bought from the marketplace.
The character bow animations are all from Mixamo.
From there I just put it all together in blueprint… but that blueprint wouldn’t be of much use to anyone who doesn’t have those assets.
If I had a set of assets I could freely redistribute, well then I’d be happy to put together a proper tutorial or even an example project.