Unlocking levels as you progress through the game

Hi all,

Just a quick question if any of you are able to answer. That would be great. Basically what i’ve got at the moment is a game which loads a flash .swf menu in through a kismet OpenGFX movie function. In the flash menu file I have buttons which when clicked fire off fscommands to open levels of the game in UDK. At the moment I have made 3 levels of my game, what I want to happen is that until you finish level 1, level 2 and 3 are locked in the flash menu. Is there a way to communicate between UDK and flash to unlock levels? I have a feeling this is more of a flash side thing rather than UDK but at the end of the level at the moment in UDK it returns you to the main menu, I then want UDK to alter the flash menu to unlock the next level. I know you can communicate from flash to UDK with fscommands but is there a similarly easy way to communicate from UDK back to flash? I thought maybe writing to an external .txt document in UDK and then flash reads in a value in that file (true or false) as to whether the level has been passed or not, but again I’m not sure how to do that in UDK because I’m not greatly familiar with UnrealScript.

Any helpful responses are appreciated please as I am currently stuck on this problem :confused:

P.S. I’m not great with UnrealScript so if it requires that then please briefly explain how to do it, thanks!

look up the scaleform guides. you can call ActionScript functions directly from UnrealScript, just like you can call UnrealScript functions from ActionScript

btw fscommand isn’t really needed