Unlocking Engrams automatically when reaching its needed level

Hello community,

the title says everything I guess. I have a mod with custom engrams, it adds some items ofcourse. Can I let the player auto learn these engrams when reaching the needed level?
Let’s say you reach level 30. With level 30 you are able to learn item 1 which costs 0 engram points so you don’t lose anything when you learn it, can this be automated? So it’s like “Your Character level up” and immediatly after that “You learned the engram Item 1” without clicking anything.

Guess this is like an event that is triggered when reaching a new level that checks for available engrams you can learn and then automatically unlocks them, does anyone know how to do that?

You should be able to use the “BPCanUse” function on the item to keep it hidden until the proper level is reached