Unlock system

I want to make an unlock system in ue4.
In my game you have a camp that you have to defend and i want players to be able to upgrade their camp with items they find in the map (for example: sentry turrets)
How do i make this?
(i can’t script)
thanks for the help!

What I am inferring from your post is that you wish to implement a multi-tier upgrade system, acting upon a moderately complex item system. This is not going to be an easy task.

Let me ask you this: how long have you been using UE4? For that matter, how long have you been doing game dev?

Here is a breakdown of exactly what you will need to implement to get this functionality working:

  1. A simple hierarchy of item classes, inheriting from a base item class that handles functionality for collecting, dropping, and using.

  2. An abstract inventory system, preferably contained in a inventory actor that you can add to your player and the object you want to upgrade.
    2b. A playerside interface for managing inventory and transferring items from your inv. to the object to upgrade.

  3. A system to handle the tiers of upgrades for each object, and what items are necessary to upgrade.

I am working on a tutorial for 1 and 2, but it will not be complete for a few weeks yet.

In short, learn to script.

Learn by working on tiny pieces of a mechanic until you are ready to move on to the next mechanic. Build that mechanic up from tiny pieces. Then go back to the first mechanic and use what you have learned to make it better, because the first version probably sucked.

Sometimes building one thing breaks something else so you have to rebuild the other thing from scratch. Be prepared to build the each component of your game a dozen times(iteration).

Most of all, have passion for your project. Passion to get you through months of tedium where your only progress might be a single system for a game that you can’t even play yet.

okay guys thank you very much!
i will first wait for Axtels tutorial and if it is not what i’m looking for i will learn c++

Still under construction, but at least it’s started.