Unlock room after accessing other rooms- Need help setting up

I am trying to create an area that is locked until you have access different areas of the map. I have 3 rooms and I want the 3rd room to become accessible only after having visited to the 2 other rooms. I would like the wall blocking the 3d room to also be destroyed with a destructible mesh when it access. Thank you for your help!

Hi Mate

Quite ease, put 2 trigger boxes on the entrances, make 2 Bools, room 1 triggers first bool and room 2 does other.

Run a check on begin overlap, check if both bools are yes, when yes, destroy wall.

What i would do with wall, make one a SM and another a DM.

When you are ready to go, destroy the SM, replace with DM, add damage to DM.



Hi Narg

Thank you so much for getting back to me! I was wondering if you could take a screenshot of what this would look like in the blueprint. I am extremely new to UE4 and am doing the project for school.

Thank you so much!!


Sorry for delay

Will get something up later.


I am doing this in parts

But my basic setup,

2 trigger boxes and a Wall.



In this example, in Level BP, set a Bool in both Triggers to Yes and run this function.

This is the function I came up with in Level BP.