Unlock Capsule Collision in VR


I am developing a horror game for the HTC Vive that uses a character with a thumbpad movement system that follows the vector rotation of the motioncontroller.
A very big problem that has come up is that when you move in roomscale the capsule collision component stays in the center of the roomscale setup and dont follow the camera.
This results in a offset between the capsule and the camera if the player then moves using the touchpad.
This creates a game breaking problem with no way to unlock the capsule collision. If i change the collision property of the capsule the character falls trough the floor.
I cant use a pawn for i need the movement system witch is pretty advanced.

I have heard that this is not a problem in Unity but i spend the last half a year learning blueprints and love Unreal in every other aspect so moving to Unity and scrapping half a years work for five people is not a option.
Sorry if i sound salty that is not my intent but if this dont get a fix my game would have to be cancelled

Attaching a video showing what i mean. Added a mesh for increased visibility. (ignore the messed up scale)

I want to know the answer too, it’s too bad there is no answer yet.