Unload Stream Level will not remove blueprint spawned objects

When using Unload Stream Level, any actors that are spawned by using blueprints are not removed. For example,

The game starts and loads stream level 1 from persistent level.
A blueprint spawns an actor into the level.

Then Unload stream level is used to remove level 1 and then level 2 is loaded.

When returning to level 1, there are now two actors spawned in the level. The previously spawned actor was not destroyed upon Unload Stream Level.

Hi Matthew119,

This was reported a while back and was logged as JIRA UE-40515. It was determined to be By Design by the developer. Spawned actors will always spawn to the persistent level.



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It appears I am having this same bug on 4.15 as well.

this is a bug ? Will epic solve it?

This behaviour is causing me trouble too.
I am using Level Streaming to pre-load maps instead of extending a map/environment with new sections and in my case the current behaviour is un-helpful.

It would be great if there was a separate way to pre-load maps, to speed up location/level switches without using Level Streaming since it does not seem to be designed for that.