Unload physics volume?

For level streaming, i have setup a transition for loading and unloading different maps for a cave system
My cave system does go under my water level > i have setup a specific map “ocean_map” for just the water …

The issue is, when i unload the “ocean_map” it works, except one detail. The “water volume” persists and my player floats around as tho hes still swimming. This is even tho the entire map is unloaded.

Is there a way to remove the physics volume (the swim volume) from the system so that i am not running into this issue? I figured it would go away, due to unloading of streamed level, so the player wouldnt “swim” anymore. The cake was a lie.

Still looking for a little help here - shameless bump!
LOL srsly tho, if anyone knows how to unload the physics volume on a stream, i will send you a puppy … or a cheeseburger. Or both!