Unlit material disabled "Cast Shadow" but still has shadow


I created an unlit material and apply it on a cube.
It create some shadow on the surface of landscape after building the light.
That is strange.
“Cast Shadow” is checked disabled and the hint tells me that it is ignored for all materials on this component is Unlit.

I changed the material back to Default Lit and uncheck the object’s “Cast Shadow” then changed back material to “Unlit”
Rebuild the light. and shadow is gone as wish.

Apparently it is not ignored by the light building system.

Hi rz1874,

This looks to be resolved with 4.11 by allowing you to have control over whether the mesh will cast shadows regardless of the shading model selected.

Looking back at several version between 4.7 and 4.10 there was some inconsistency here with how this reacted, and this may be the solution to the problem. I didn’t find any directly related JIRAs entered about this. This looks to resolve the issue by giving complete control to the user though.

Look for that in the next release and if you have any questions or concerns once that’s out feel free to post back here and I can take a look.

Thank you!



Thanks for your detailed answer.