Unlimted Indoor Map

So, Ive always been interested by games that do random generations. I began my own game that generates rooms as the player enters creating an indefinite indoor map.

So far what I do is I have 4 actor blueprints that is are “Rooms” that have there own Pre-Set items sets they spawn, when a player walks through the door it generates that room then picks a random number of items to place in that room then places each of those random items in random locations.

I intend to use this for a indoor SMP type game, not sure where exactly I want to go with it weather it be realistic or more of a skyrim like game. I intend on having hostile AI along with energy stamina health and even disease, Certain rooms will have different ambient temperatures making you feel warmer or colder. To cold you freeze to death too hot (machine rooms ETC) will make you dehydrate faster and even die of heat stroke.

[video]Infinate Rooms Preview - YouTube

Keeping in mind this is just the concept, and first day in development.

  1. Do you think this is worth pursuing to a finished product?
  2. So you see potential with this design?
  3. What would you like to see added (thats not obvious like fixing gaps and the flying physics objects and adding actual doors.)