Unlimited Distance Based Mountains - $9.99 for All Your Horizon Filling Needs.

This is a service based purchase that will give you an unlimited number of mountains for the indefinite future. These mountains are intended for use as meshes that would be set in the far distance to help give your game development projects a greater sense of scale.

This first monthly update contains five beautiful and treacherous snowy mountains that average 10k tris each and include a unique diffuse/normal and material for each mountain. Place these mountains in your far off horizon to help make your game world far vaster than it is. Every following month a new set of five distance based mountains will be added to this set for the foreseeable future. Decisions regarding which type of distance based mountains are added into the set will be discussed with the Unreal community.



So you intend to release it on the marketplace for a one time price of $10 and continue to add content?

Could you provide a world machine tutorial for how you created this in WM & also exported to UE4 for an additional cost? Would be awesome

Exactly. :slight_smile:

Any grassy materials in the works?

No grassy material for these snow mountains, but a complete grassy mountains set as update for the pack will added in the following months.

I would pay for that too.

Right on, looks good.

The value is strong in this one!

Love the snowy ones!

The grass ones look a bit off though IMO, the grass is very green and probably wouldn’t reach that far and that dense up the side of a mountain. Needs more breakup.

It might become difficult to sell something like this once they include the kite demo in UE 4.8.