Unkown Blueprint Node?


I am Following this tutorial:

Creating this is my problem:


I don’t know how to create those two nodes, can someone please help me?


To get these you will need to pull off a pin from, what looks like, the character reference. If you’re not seeing the option try unchecking the context sensitive box in the top right when you pull the pin off.

Give that a shot and let me know.


Hi, thx for the answer
I just want to hear when i do this i am nor sure what to search for to get exactly what the tutorial got.

thx again

From what it says, you’re going to need to setup some variables that you are calling.

To get the character reference one you need to add a variable in the event graph of your “MyCharacter” Blueprint.

When you create the variable name it Character Reference and for its type in the search type in “MyCharacter_C” This creates a reference variable we can call that references itself.

Place this variable in your event graph and drag off a pin. In the search type in the variable name for Weapon and another pin with the variable name of First Person Camera.

What this is doing is looking at any variables that are setup in your blueprint and calling them to be able to adjust or use their values.

You will have to have a variable setup just as this tutorial has if you want to be able to call it though.

Let me know if you’re still having issues and I’ll see what I can do to help further.

Thank you!


Thx for the answer i understand what you mean its just that character reference and everything must be in my projectile blueprint and has no weapon or first person camera veriable in the tutorial, so i don’t understand how the guy in the tutorial got it there.

Is there a way to link the MyProjectile blueprint with the My Character blueprint so that i can use weapon and fp camera in MyProjectile?

Sorry for the trouble.

Nevermind i got it!

thx alot



This looks like everything is setup in the MyCharacter BP. With the weapon variable it’s just a static mesh variable for the gun that’s being used.

You can also see the other variable that’s being called, First Person Camera, is here as well.

Looking at the tutorial everything appears to be there. It can probably be a little confusing, but adding the variables that are the list in step for “Adding your First Weapon”