Unknown Vehicle Wheel Problem

I recently started working on a Racing Game and made a very low poly vehicle.
Once I got the low poly vehicle working I decided to update the vehicle with a high poly vehicle, this vehicle was setup the EXACT same way as the low poly vehicle in blender… Same Bone Names, Same Modeling and Weight Painting Methods, etc.
But now the vehicle won’t move and when I use ‘PXVIS Collision’ and test the steering the VehicleWheel BP’s are back to front. Example: Left = Right and Vise Versa.

The only difference is that the mesh is split for customization
I’ve also tried to merge all meshes but the same issue occurs

But now I have an issue with the Vehicle since I’ve updated the mesh to the high poly model,
Here are a list of things I’ve recreated to work with this model.

  • Physics Asset
  • Skeleton (Just Incase)
  • Vehicle Movement BP (Which Tire is Front and Back, etc.)
  • Changed Settings for both Front and Rear VehicleWheel BP’s (Tire Offset, etc.)
  • Animation BP

Here are some images of the collision problem. (I think this is causing the movement issue)

Here are some images of the turning problem (Turning Left = Right, Vise Versa)