Unknown Structure Error, UE Crash

I have a problem with “Unknown Structure” Error, Is very simple to explain what actually happens.

I have a BP_Component - Name : “Weapon_Component” he is nothing crazy, just couple of variables for my weapons informations (“Ex. Current Weapon In Hand, Weapons In Inventory…”) But the thing is, since i launch my project i got these errors (“IMAGE” - Down Below), they do litterally nothing while in editor i can do whatever i want, i can play my game, i can make changes in my game, but if i change a : Name, Variable, Refresh Nodes, Rename, Delete… inside my “Weapon_Component” when i close and re-open the engine is just crashes, didnt want to start at all, just crash over and over again.
But if i call him as a reference nothing happens he is working fine, but any change with him, when the engine is restarted it just crash the project.
I had tried a lots of things for about 2-3 days now and i could not find a solution, so i decided to came here looking for answer… Feel free to ask me to send as much informations as you need to help me pass through this. Thanks in advance !

This is the image from the Output Log since i open my project !

This is the error occuring only if i do a “File > Refresh Nodes” Inside my Component

This is the crash log.txt printed.
FPS_Ultimate.log (77.3 KB)

Here are a few potential fixes to your problem:

  1. Duplicate your blueprint component. Delete the old one and replace all references with the new Blueprint. (This could lead to a cleanup of broken variables)
  2. In case you renamed your structs or migrated them from a different project try Core Redirects | Unreal Engine Documentation
  3. Go back in your source control to the point where it worked.
  4. Rebuild the blueprint component by hand piece by piece.
  1. Since i delete the “Original - Component” my project wont start, so i have tried this, it does not work.
  2. Yes i do renamed my structs, because at some point i don’t want how my Datatable looks like was a mess so i decided to sort of arrange them more clearly. Core Redirects - but looking forward to try this. Havent tried it before.
  3. I already have a backup so if a made a change inside my component i got errors as iamges above, when this happens i just copy my “old - component from backup folder” and just overwrite with the broken one and project opens up. But still show that errors.
  4. I have tried rebuilding it by hand, becuase as i mentioned is very simple no many things inside, but since i try to delete the old one my project didnt start up…
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I hope this video show a bit more what is my problem !

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If someone need this informations about this project that might lead to possible fix :

All the coding, everything was made by me.
Execpt : Animations are from marketplace.
Weapon models : My brother created them.
So theres nothing in this project i’m not fammiliar with, i dont really know what cause this problem !

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Never copy *.uasset files directly from one folder to another.

I hope you can fix it with Core Redirects | Unreal Engine Documentation . :crossed_fingers:


Does this website shows more about what you are saying ?

Or this is something completly different ?

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Yes that is correct. What you want is


Mate, i can’t say enogh thank you, i just litterally without any knowlage put those redirects, remove them, put them back remove them i got no clue what i was doing. But then somehow i decided to delete the variables inside the “Component” and it worked ! all of my errors are gone.

Thanks Ramon ! :pray:

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