Unknown Origins

I’ve just created first early footage of game that I’m working on: Unknown Origins. This demo presents dynamic tree & plant system:

These trees & plants were generated using my Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator tool that I’ve made for UE4.

First version of combat system:

Looks really cool!
Btw, I personally would add an effect to your grass so that it will swing a little bit when the player walks through it -> you can find an example how it works in my free foliage kit :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: I will definitely check that grass swing, as my world will be quite grassy ^^

Looks amazing! Glad to see Chameleon in action : )

Amazing and deep design looks very cool.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: This is the fuel that keeps me going!

Next vid with combat system will appear in a week/two. A little bit delayed, because I have been sick for a while.

Quality stuff. I support your submission of Dynamic tree & plant generator. By the way, the blue magic missile is sick as well, might as well submit it with other effects as visual effect as well.

You have talent, I will take note of this game.

Thank you! The Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator just passed the marketplace submission process and will be available soon.

Here’s new video, presenting first version of combat system:

New GIF footage from latest combat system video:

its a game. good job :slight_smile: