University Student looking for a level without audio to produce sound for


I’m a university student and my assignment for this semester is to create the sound for a game level, I am looking for anybody who has a level created that has no sound which I could possibly use to create audio for, it will not be seen by anybody else but myself and my tutor, please let me know if you have anything. Preferrebly in UE4 Version 4.4.3 :smiley:

Just use one of the marketplace levels and delete all the sounds. Now add your own unique ones :slight_smile: -> or just build a small level with all the assets from the market

Exactly what I wanted to say. Use one of the examples.

I’m in the same position as the first audio guy that asked the question. I’m gonna give a go at the example levels, however, I’d love to help anyone out that actually needs some audio integration. If anyone is serious about this email me kevin@kevincas