University of Hertfordshire - Unreal 4 & 5

Unreal 4 Thread for University of Hertfordshire

BA & MA 3D Games Art & Design (BA) with Optional Sandwich Placement/ Study Abroad

Epic made this Unreal Project Spotlight about the course (Read more about the Spotlight here)

Here are the course details -

First place in the world “Game Design & Development Schools - Production Excellence” The Rookies 2020 -…on-excellence/

BA Showreel


MA Showreel

Mixed showreel from all the BA Animation courses (2D, 3D, VFX and Games Art)


And here is the MA Games Art course details -

Neil Gallagher, Award Leader for the BA & MA Games Art courses. The video below is to help any of you that are thinking off applying to BA Games Art, on this channel there is also advice for 3D Animation, 2D Animation and VFX. The work in the video are examples from student applicants that are currently on the course. Good luck. Any questions feel free to PM me.


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Very impressive, great work!

That is almost Epic-level work. Fantastic, I hope you guys do great!

These shots are looking pretty darn great.

Thank you for sharing sir; and please keep 'em coming! =)

Awesome work! Thank you very much for sharing :).

Thank you for all the kind words, I can not wait to see what the students come up with in UE4.

Here is the current realtime showreel and we will cut a new version in the summer.


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That’s awesome work! I love seeing it! Keep us updated with more

I have to say that it is super cool to see what they have been able to do in the past; I too can’t wait to see the work done inside of UE4.

Great showreel sir! =)

Wow! These are really awesome! Honestly this is very inspiring to me and I agree that they are near Epic quality :). Definitely can’t wait to see more!

@ Darren Clary, JoTay and RikimaruKF

Thank you very much, we are loving UE4.

Gatekeeper by Alexandr Trenovszki

Unreal 4


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Simply Amazing!! I hope to see a lot more in the near future.

Wow! Very nice stuff!

Thanks guys, also we got 3rd place in the Autodesk CG Student Awards, SCHOOL OF THE YEAR – 2014.



It’s great to be placed on the same page as VFS and Gnomon training academies.

Watch this space :wink:

The new term is about to start and we are really looking forward to seeing what the students make with the Unreal 4 engine

Here is our BA Games Art 2013/14 showreel, it will look very different this time next year.


A lot of great art here! Can’t wait to see more.

wow great work, would love to see more on here! Good job to everyone showing there work!

Some quality stuff here.

Wow, amazing work!

I love the flintlock.