University Final Project (solo) Gold Miner

Heres some screenshot of the little game i made for my final project focused on Level Design, which I named Gold Miner

It is a small platformer/adventure game, where the goal is to get to the finish, while collecting gold nuggets for score. I made the game with the idea of making the light and darkness an integral mechanic.

The player has a small flashlight (on his head) which allow him to see the path and avoid pitfalls, but this light use energy and disappear when there is none. The player can recharge the light when standing in a pool of water. This was based on some small flashlight which use the chemical reaction of a specific kind of stones and water to get its energy.

Done in 3-4 month alone, from the concept up to the finish product which can be played from start to finish. Had to learn about UE 4 alone, since unfortunately, my supervisor, who was the only person who knew about UE 4, had a kid and couldnt be there until the last month. Also, that year, i only worked in class with Unity and the year before that with UE 3, which was completely different. All was made from the ground up, with nothing from the market, and for the programming, i had to reverse-engineer alot of stuff, like the flashlight energy mechanic is from a stamina code.

While it is completed and i handed it back then, i still consider it a WIP and I could use some help on the programming since the difficulty i have are way above my level, my Bach mainly focused on the art aspect.

Here are some screenshot: