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About our game is all about team-based strategical vehicular siege. The setting takes place in various realms within a dystopian universe that pit unyielding futuristic behemoths into opposition through a series of turbulent skirmishes (matches). The basic mechanics of gameplay consist of two teams: Offensive and Defensive. The primary objectives of each team depends solely upon their position before a match begins. Each side has a unique set of roles that offer a strategic advantage on the battlefield. In order for the offensive to win a match, they must cooperatively complete 3 primary objectives which are separated by “stages” that become increasingly difficult as time runs out. The defensive must prevent damage by utilizing the variety of arsenal at their disposal in order to protect the nodes that the offensive seek to destroy. This is a very basic mock-up of the current gameplay mechanics. The remaining details are withheld until we’re done with the balancing phase.

Current Positions Open

Map/Level Design Developer
Preferred Experience

Experience with UE4 toolset required.

Moderate experience with 3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox or equivalents is a bonus.

Moderate experience with Photoshop or equivalents is a bonus.

Any experience with Perforce is a plus but not required.

Design and create UE4 maps from scratch.

Follow the asset naming convention defined in our documentation.

Assist with conceptualizing maps and strategic environmental components.

Work together with our 3D artist, Programmer, QA analyst and concept artist.

Test gameplay and participate in group conversations.

Concept Artist

Take the lead in your own way by composing concepts of maps, environmental objects, vehicles, weapons, UI assets and any other assets necessary to convey your ideas.

Work with our user experience expert.

Participate in group conversations

Have fun doing what you do best.

[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]If you’re interested, send me a PM or simply post here with some screenshots of your work if you like. I’ll share Skype information so that we can chat. Please note that a portfolio (or) images of your work will be necessary. If you’d simply like to know more about the project, let me know in the PM.

About Us
Our team came together through the UDK IRC channel last September. Since then, we’ve become more than just random people on the internet. We’re good friends and because of that, we work well together - even when it gets stressful.

Team Name: struct Awesome{

Tim Xonos] (Founder)

3D Asset Developer (Modeling/Sculpting)

Dedicated Server Host

Database Engineer

Web Developer

Sebastian Mykon] (Founder)

Lead Programmer

Asset Development and Integration

UI Developer

QA Analyst


UI Concept Artist

Content Artist

User Experience Analyst

As you’re likely aware by this point, we’re a small group of talented and aspiring indie developers that are working toward releasing our first title (and many more to come). We all dream of leaving our desk jobs to make this our career. If you’re still reading, I suspect that you may be in a similar position. For this reason, we work on this project day and night in order to meet deadlines that we consistently set. As one of the founding members of our first release, you will be compensated parallel to our success. A financial management position will open up as funds permit which will hold the responsibility of allocating funds for profit distribution when that moment arrives. Budget that is acquired by crowd funding, dev grants and other third-party investors will be utilized to procure needed hardware for our team and the project. It’s hard to get work done when the majority of your experience with the unreal engine is compiling shaders - and we acknowledge that.

Website (Under Development)

Contact || Skype: xonosnet

Registered Company Name
Xonos Development



Also looking for

C++ Developer

  • 5+ years experience with C++
  • Experience with using Unreal Engine 4 C++ Integration
  • Optional: Experience in Game Development with Unreal Engine 4

Visual Effects Artist

  • Advanced experience in creating visual effects with Unreal Engine