Universe generator

I am interested in trying to make a open universe type of game, and with limited knowledge about UE4, I am finding it hard to work out how I could achieve this.
My thoughts on achieving this would be adding in the parameters required for a fine tuned universe (Wiki article here), as well as
adding in parameters which would allow life to exist as we do now based on gravity, air pressure etc. I know this seems like an extremely ambitious way to be lazy, and I know it seems like this
task is very hard or just impossible, but I would just like to know, is this possible, and how would I achieve this.

P.S. I would like to begin the generation at the big bang.

Cheers, Superical

well, first of all, you’re going to need an exploding tardus.

I hope you know math

I think you’ve officially beat this guy for “Largest UE4 Project” -

As to what darthviper said- I agree, I almost think you should ask about simulation systems in the code subforum because that’s going to be the majority of your work.

Only one person can do this.

And the whole universe would be rainbow colored :wink: