Universe Content 1550 Free Meshes

Hello Friends!
Just want to share with you next content pack. I called it LowPoly Universe.
Content developed only for Unreal Engine. I just love this technology :slight_smile:
Used software for 3D modeling:** SideFX Houdini 15.5

So Low-Poly Universe is a FREE content for Unreal Engine 4.
For commercial, non-commercial, education use.
Best used for platformer, arcade, runner, adventure or tower defence projects.

Download it from my website: LowPoly Universe

Inside Archive you find:**

  • Overview map with Matinee scene for Unreal Engine 4.12
  • 1550 3D Meshes
  • 80 Materials Instances
  • 3 Particle FX
  • 3 Music Theme
    -12 Special stylized LUTs**

Enjoy, my Friends!
Best wishes to all indie game developers!
SGS Team and DneproMan

Thanks Dneproman, will have a trawl through these as soon as I can!
Very generous of you guys, the content video looks great!

Really cool! Thanks!

I can see a lot of really good things coming from this. Thank you!

This is awesome! Can’t wait to mess around with it. Thanks!

the download link from youre websites does not make it in my torrent client. can you please post a .torrent file please that can manually be added in a torrent client?

Wow thanks for the content! I will try to make something cool with it.

THX again for releasing this new HQ LP pack!!

Thanks a lot for these awesome assets!
Is there any way you want to be acknowledged in my final Project?

Thanks for your great content pack ! And it can be greater if static meshes include UV light map channels.

Great content! @Vollgaser If the download ink does not work for you from the website you can add it manually via link in the torrent client (in utorrent File -> Add torrent from address).

Is there a non-torrent link for this?


Thx a lot @Dneproman awesome work, 'll bookmark your site ^^

This is so incredibly cool of you @Dneproman !!! Just finished my first real project using your content pack and couldn’t be happier with the results. Huge, huge thanks, man!

The download link in your website is not working.

yes it is, but it’s a torrent one and not a direct link one.

Hey! I see your website is down for maintenance. I was wondering if you had an ETA on when it would be back up so I can get hold of this awesome pack? Or if you have another download route for me at all. Thanks

and its gone.

I thought the same, until I noticed that I still had the original archive on my HDD.

According to the license I am allowed to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

So… I can provide everyone here with a working link, just grab it from my Google Drive. (Probably would be a good Idea to re-upload it on other sites too.)

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B43…ew?usp=sharing

PS: This is why sharing with .torrent is a bad idea, unless the file spreads out enough, so that there are enough seeders.