Universe Constructor - Reboot

Hello! I had a project going for a while that was something really simple, for people that liked to build things. Now I have completely restarted the project from scratch, and this is the first quite stable version. It now has crafting, an inventory system with building linked, many shapes and materials for blocks, it has lots of furniture, including lights, storage containers, and even a bed with drawers! You can mine trees, rocks, and plasma crystals (which is an alien material of plasma fused with crystallized sand, which is how you get glass in the game and more in the future).

I have 2 videos to show the basics.

This one shows earlier testing of survival mechanics, and at the end it demonstrates the use of signs that you can type on, and also the spray painting feature.

This one is more current, but I left out painting and signs as I was testing the new furniture more than anything else.

So to summarize, this game is getting better and better every day I work on it, and I am very happy to be making it! Plans for this game are still in the works, but I have a lot of awesome ideas if I can get them working.