Universal Stats & Attributes Sytem


The Universal Stats & Attributes System is a versatile code plugin that allows you to create and manage your own stats systems.
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The Example Content is out!

This Example Content is an illustration on how you could implement the Plugin in a RPG, but keep in mind that it can be used in any type of game. (Links in the Marketplace)

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, give feedback, send requests, or just discuss about the plugin in this topic.
You can also contact me at: [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you!

Hi everyone !
Big thanks to everyone who purchased the plugin, I hope it fits your needs !
If you have any question, please contact me at “” or post it down here.

The plugin has been updated.
Update 1.21:

  • EventTriggers should now properly save and load.
  • RegenValueIsPerSecond in GetInitSettings now properly applies when using GlobalTimers.
  • GlobalTimerTasks are now bound to stats and should properly save and load.
  • Other minor fixes.

Thank you all,

Hi everyone!

There are some news about the Universal Stats & Attributes System:
The Example Content has been updated and should be available in a few days. It will be a bit closer to what I envisioned and easier to follow.
There is now a version compatible with UE4.24.
The documentationhas been updated.

The plugin has been updated (1.3):

  • New feature: Overriding GetStartingValues() in your StatsComponent will allow you to override its base values and load them from wherever you want. It can be useful if you are using an equipment system and want to pull values from a Data Table for example.
  • Fixed a bug where FlatEquipment didn’t save properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Bonus values didn’t save properly.


@Heac01 So i happen to come across this while browsing the marketplace and im so very much leaning towards grabbing this. I feel like it would seriously work for the game im trying to remake and i’ve been dreading getting started on the whole level/xp/skills system as im using the mmokit and its all a bit complex for a newbie like myself. I’ve been able to get by and slowly learn as i go.
My biggest question is would this system be fully integrate-able with the mmokit system? The mmokit system loads/saves stats (currently like health, inventory, equipment thats equipped in slots, player location) so the database system is already in place but im curious how i would go about integrating your system into the mmokit.

It is possible to use this plugin with any other plugin as long as it doesn’t force you to use its own Stats System.
Could you please provide a link to the mmokit in question?
We can continue this conversation on discord if you want (Discord).