Universal Hero ( customizable Character )

Hello, people of the UE world.

Since childhood, I was a fan of He-man and the universe and super heroes too. Mixing it with my journey in learning Unreal … U-Hero has born.
So I started to think it could be submited in marketplace, but i`d like to know what comunity thinks or would have any kind of interest about it before keep going foreward.

U-Hero will have features to generate the following variations:

* Whole set of face morph for facial expresions
* Different shapes of heads to generate different guys by mixing ( don`t know how many right now).
* 4 different head and body textures 
* Fully rigged with a fine tune skinning
* Correction Morph for body limbs and muscles
* 3 Body Normal mapping textures of muscles.
* Different Hairs ( don`t know how many right now).









i`m not sure about to work on suits yet.

So in general, my ideas is to make of U-Hero an evolutive process, with constant updates followed by U-She-Hero and Beast-Hero proyects.

Sorry for my english.
Thank you very much.-

Looks nice man keep up the good work.

I increased polycount from 15k to 40k. So faceted problemas has disappeared. Still lot work to do.