Universal Exposure and gamma settings?

What are you guys using as a starting base? Is exposure set to 1 and 1 ? If I do this, the scene get very dark. But Raising the gamma in Post volume to around 1.4 seems to correct it. Are you guys approaching it this way?

I usually set it to 1,1 and adjust gamma in the post volume, yes. I also tweak the contrast because by default I think it’s 1.1 which is too strong.

Hmm… seems like I get richer color with correct glossy reflections if I dont put it at 1 , 1. I i drop it to .o1, .01 I tend to get better results. Well … if anyone lelse wants to chime in… we are all here to learn.

I know a lot of people go 1,1 but I am not really happy with the 1,1 setting for auto exposure. I tried this recently in a post process volume and it seems to be working ok. It’s not over the top auto exposure but it still does a little adjustment to maintain a natural feel of brightness outside while still being able to see the environment through the windows. But I’m sure this is not my last word on this topic.

method: Auto Exposure Histogram (default)
min brightness: 0.1
max brightness: 2.0 (default)
speed up / down: 3.0 / 2.0
Exposure bias: 1.0

and for the exterior areas:
min / max brightness: 0.25 / 2.0
exposure bias: 0.0 (default)

SDot… very similar to mines. I set mines at .2 .2. I get better results. AT 1 1 its just too dark and rick in colors for some reason. I am only using light portal too. ANd default baselightmass

The 1,1 is good for while working on a scene (or whatever values you use, lower for interior, higher for exterior).

For a interactive walk through, I would use auto exposure and let it do it’s job, but set good upper and lower limits for the scene.

For rendering out a video, I would do each camera and shot separately for exposure, like you would in real life with cameras.

Ahhhh… good info.