Universal custom event call?

Hello there. I’ll be brief - my first person character has a line trace from the camera to front of the camera to check for any interactive items the character is looking at. Now, let’s say I have two interactive items - a light switch and a door. I can detect wheter I’m looking at one or the other (or neither). Both interactive items have to do some action when activated (pressing LMB when you’re looking at them). Light switch has to turn on a light and flip upside down, and the door has to open. Is there a way to achieve this in a way that each interactive item has a custom event inside its own blueprint, and my first person character calls that event by pressing LMB while looking at it? What I mean is something like a universal “run ‘Activate’ at whatever you’re looking and clicking at”, whatever it is. Or is there some other practical way to do this? Thanks!

use a blueprint interface:

Perfect, I totally forgot about this. Thank you!