Universal Control Delay?

Hi :)! I’m a bit of a blueprint noob and have only just gotten into it, setting up my control system. I’d like there to be a slight delay between control input and response (kind of like in Prince of Persia 2008 or the old Core Design Tomb Raider games - just less extreme) for my whole control system. I was hoping to find a variable for this in the Character Movement Defaults but there doesn’t appear to be one so the only solution I see at the moment is to manually insert a delay for every single move, which I’ve now done for two basic moves to test it out. I was wondering if there was any way to just apply one delay to all control inputs/responses? Or just generally, if there was a more elegant way to do this kind of thing than adding a delay to every single move?

Thanks in advance :)!

You could, but what you would need to do is to override the default character controller defaults by assigning new key press events and adding a delay node to them. The more elegant way is to write it yourself in C++, unfortunately. There is not a lot exposed in the default character controller.

Hi! I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner but some real life stuff happened so yeah. Anyway, thank you for replying but I’m a little confused. I assume by character controller you mean the MyPlayerController? However, when I look at the defaults in that I don’t really see anything that looks like what I need and I’m not sure how I would override it. I’ve tried putting blueprints into its event graph, adding a delay, but that didn’t do anything (to clarify I should probably add that I’ve got my whole controls and movements setup in the MyCharacter blueprint, not the controller). Sorry if I’m being stupid. Like I said, I’m a total noob when it comes to blueprints.