Universal Color Variable?

Currently I am trying to have two color variables inside my gamemode that can be called from any blueprint and used to change the color of things based on the team. For example widget colors use slate color and texture colors use linear color. The problem is these things use different color variables that cant be converted between each other, so I cant use one universal color variable to change these. Is there a engine way to do this or do I have to make an array of color structs with the name and two color variables for each. Which would work its just not favorable. Thanks

Slate Brush uses Slate Colour which, in turn, utilises Linear Color. You should be able to stick to linear colour everywhere you go, and without conversion, too. Admittedly, it’s a bit fiddly to apply it to widget elements at times…

Thanks for the help, but im still having problems applying it to widgets. If i set the first slate pin connected to my linear color, and the second on specified color, it just shows as invisible and doesn’t render on screen. If i set the second pin to foreground color it only shows as white.

Is alpha set to 1?

edit: just to clarify, here’s the anatomy of a Border specimen:


From the top:

  • there’s *Content Color and Opacity - *it’s a multiplier for the content that does not affect the border itself, just its slot. The next 2 do not affect the slot.
  • there’s *Tint *in the Brush that controls the colour of the border image but can be overriden by widget inheritance (the *Inherit *tickbox) - you can set this so called *Foreground Color *at the very top of the hierarchy, in the root element. From now on, any widget that has *Inherited *ticked, will use that colour - so you do not need to manually colour all the widgets. From now on, the tint’s RGBA is pretty much ignored.
  • there’s Brush Color, too - since we can set colour in 4 different places already, why not have a 5th override! So you add a splash of colour even if you are already inherting from the parent.

If you find this confusing, you’re not the only one.