UnityAds for UE4...anyone want to take a crack at creating a plugin or something for its use

Hey all,
I myself do not have the programming knowledge/power to do this but I for one lack the confidence of putting a dollar amount for my first mobile game release. I would very much love to use the Unity Ads system instead of AdMob, etc. as it sounds (mostly from success stories I read) like its a good idea with the whole show ads for games to gamers, and it says it can be used with other engines, etc not just Unity and they have provided implementation instruction for android and ios native. At least from what I read that is how it sounds but I could be wrong. I just would like to be able to use it without having to use unity as Im a bigger fan of unreal engine. I do use both by the way. Would be nice to have possible is all, or maybe a UE4 version of it.

Agreed. I would also like to use Unity Ads in UE4.