Unity3d or Unreal 4 ?

hi everybody please read all my write :
i want to ask a question. my english speak is not very good … sorry !
i can not choose a game engine for myself I doubt between unreal engine 4 and unity 3d !
Unreal engine 4 have good graphic in all segments it is very important for me and have very good particle system (In comparison with the unity3d ) and also very easy to use or have blueprint system ( the better gameplay scripting In my opinion ) and next Case have destructible system and etc
unity3d is not simple and have not a system like blueprint and in comparison with unreal that is very low but
unity3d support above than %80 of ad network company but unreal engine 4 only support iad (i hear also support admob ) but it is not good at all we can not use only iad . revmob . tapjoy , chartboost and very company have sdk for unity3d
the other matter → unity3d have a good editor and … for 2d game you can create your own 2d game but in unreal4 you can not create your own 2d game
all my friend use with unreal 4 in first but in now They using with unity3d Except me !!
what i do ?? I can not go along with Unity
my issue with unreal 4 is : create 2d game and ad system
my question → is it possible These problems are resolved In the future ?
thank you alot for read !

You can create 2D games with UE4, for instance stuff like FlappyBird

As for ads, the systems support may increase at some point, but it depends on how important it is, they support Apples ad system, but for other things you may have to integrate them yourself.

You can easily create 2D Games with the Unreal Engine. Though Unity is maybe more suited for it at the first view, you are able
to create the same 2D Games in UE4. There are already some cool 2D Games and Tutorials.

And the Ad System: I also think that it will be extended over time. UE4 is still very new, so more feature are coming every month.
But being new doesn’t mean that it is less good than Unity. Maybe Ad Systems can be added through C++ by yourself.

I would recommend you to have a look at UE4. It only costs you 20$ and if you don’t like it, you can switch back to Unity.

2d games are pretty easy to create with the UE4 -> either test it out (pay the 20$ once) or take a look at one of the tutorials :slight_smile:


Unity its a bit more suited for small games and maybe 1 man projects. For anything a bit bigger, UE4 features become more important(who needs PBR when its a 2d game), so if what you want its a small 2d game, i would go with unity, or just do it manually in c++ using SFML or SDL and avoid any engine.

I don’t want to talk down Unity, but as far as i remember, its free version is pretty lame if you want to create something
good. And buying it would be either 75$/Month for 12 Months subscription length or 1500$ at once.

For UE4 you only need 20$ for one month, and you can cancel the subscription each month and continue using the latest version that
was released during that month. If you feel like needing a new update that came out after your month has ended, you can just buy
another month for 20$ etc.

So i would totaly go for UE4 here, since you can do the same games with it.

I working single and have not any team but in future maybe i work with a team but i dont like unity3d and i know if use with unity my game will not be good
I like work with unreal 4 for many reason
Have you a tutorial for integrate ad to unreal 4 ?
Do Created a 2d game with ue4 until now ? (Except flappy bird )

Its definetely doable … i’m creating a mobile 2D game with UE4.

My girlfriend is drawing the stuff and i’m bringing it to life (120% indie). I have already google play services and ads integrated. I have even developed the saved game feature of google play services (not provided by Epic at the moment)

I will post some WIP

If you ask on the Unreal forums, of course we’re going to all say Unreal!!! Just don’t ask on the Unity forums. :smiley:

If youre aiming at a mobile/simple game, Unity 3D would be your choice. Keep in mind that it isnt as simple as it looks, you have to do some coding to make things work. You can get PlayMaker which is similar to blueprints and cost $42. It was $95 when I bought it. And if you want the pro version its $75/month + VAT or buy the full version and own it forever.

Or you could choose Unreal Engine with a better workflow with the powerful and easy blueprint-system. You will also get the whole engine and source for only $19. You
can buy it once, cancel the subscription and you are still able to work on your project.* It also have the most helpful people and staff that I have seen on forums*. Thats why I finally went for Unreal Engine. Good luck with your project!