Unity vs UE4 for Oculus Quest

Could someone help with these 2 basic questions please.

I have been developing in Unity for some years and I haven’t used the UE4 editor before.

As the Oculus Quest has become very popular with Virtual Desktop UE4 interests me greatly for its photo realism.

Play simultaneously in multiple viewport windows.
Can the UE4 editor play or simulate in multiple viewports and update at the same time such as perspective, front and top.
Very useful in Unity for aligning motions at different view points.

UE4 Editor: Object Selection & Details Panel.
Is it normal behavior for a selected object to become deselected when initiating play or simulate.
Would be good to see live parameter updates in the details panel.

Thank you.

I don’t think VR and photo realism are two words that really fit in the same sentence :wink:

You have just stumbled upon the one thing that Unity does better than UE4 unfortunately, multiple viewports by default in the editor on Unity is nice. I think you might have to use render targets for multiple viewports for UE4. I don’t think it’s something that you can just switch on, unless they’ve added that in 4.24…doubt it though sounds far to useful…although maybe if some archvis people want it they might add it…

Thanks Savagebeasty,

lol re photo realism in VR. Maybe PR while looking through fly wire :slight_smile:

UE4 has many features that work out of the box. With Unity you have to work harder to achieve the same. I also like the native Blueprints system and universal connector style.
FYI, I am using Virtual Desktop to stream Windows builds to the Quest VR over 5GHz WiFi. Very low latency, very good looking and also a well written native SteamVR plugin in UE4 4.24.

Thank you, I’ll have a look at render targets.

In Unity I’m used to watching the Unity Inspector pane at variables, inputs and sliders I might have created for debug. Equivalent to UE4 details window I think.
The selected object information disappears from the UE4 details pane during Play or Simulate but I’m sure that there are good workflows used by veteran UE4 developers.
And veteran is the key word. Maybe I’m too old to cross the divide. I’m used to the nuances of Unity and their company.
Last time I evaluated anything from Epic was Unreal Engine 2 with BSP Brushes. Very modern and exciting. lol, where have the years gone.

Thanks again SB, I’ll chip away at UE4 a bit longer then make a decision.

Yeah Unity definitely wins in those areas of viewports and the details panel. Other than that I dont think I could go back to using Unity. UE4 is more a complete suite of tools, still never had to download a plugin after 4 years :wink:

Its the little things…auto generating LOD’s…within the editor.

Being able to turn on shadows without having to pay £70 a month…

Im not even sure the C# over C++ for Unity wins either as C++ in UE for doing gameplay logic really isnt that much different…and its faster.

If this old man can do it you defo can :wink:

Oh and as you say you’re old and you like VR I’d highly recommend if you havnt already to give GzDoom VR with the brutal doom mod a whirl. I can send you download links if you need them. :slight_smile: