Unity user's First Weekend with UE4.

I am a part time indie dev with a small team. We were working in unity but i think after this weekend we are are going to make the switch. Here is a short description of Good things and Bad things of this weekend.

I added Aiming,Shooting, Teleporting :),Dieing,Winning, and camera transitions to the C++ side scroller project. In about 20 hours total newb dev time.

Good First:
+Wow with the community support, lots of good help all around.
+With no knowledge of the UE4 animation system, i was able to retarget aim offset animations from one character to another!!
That is a major accomplishment on your guys’ part.
+Being a CS grad whose undergrad was all C++, the API’s so far aren’t that scary, even though i’ve been doing C# and java recently.
+Blueprint scripting is intuitive.

Needs Improvement:
-The biggest roadblock for me was corrupted blueprint files, it took 4~ hours of my time to backtrack. I posted in the bug report my info. BluePrint Corrupted, Crash when opening Project - UE4 AnswerHub
-Some of the docs are outdated i think, the notes on Animation Blend Spaces seemed out of sync a tiny bit (but enough for me, being new, to be confused).
-No doubt, you are going to get A LOT of unity developers wanting to migrate and move from unity to unreal. Perhaps providing a migration FAQ/Doc would be of great help to a lot of people. I’m sure too you could get the community to help formulate it, maybe on the wiki or something?

So there you have it! Aside from the corrupted blueprint files and me running out of RAM every once and a while(i had my project AND the content project open at the same time for reference), it was smooth sailing all weekend.


Cool, thanks for the feedback, joessu! Just out of curiosity, how much RAM do you have in your computer?

6 gigs, I had my activity monitor up and sat around 4-4.5ish used with two ue4 instances, VS 2013 express, skype, and spotify.

I DID notice that amount grew over time, but didnt go down when closing the editors, only when closing VS.

I have 3 extra spaces and ram is cheap, might go pick some up. Having two editors open is super useful for learning.

I reckon there are more Unity users here then UDK/UE4 beta users :slight_smile:

Corrupted blueprints are probably the #1 issue I’ve had with UE4.

Another Unity user here. Fully converted. It hasn’t taken long to adjust, but I think a part from the Wiki about migrating from Unity to UE would be a great feature!

The biggest plus for me of UE4 is the fact that your faces of your meshes can collide with the each without that horrible flickering Unity does :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, we already have a Community Wiki. Feel free to add pages for making the switch from Unity or just write up your personal experience if you think it might help others. Thanks! - Started making the Wiki! It needs adding to :slight_smile:

I’m also a Unity developer, thinking about making the switch. I posted a question about helping to understand some of the concepts, going from Unity to Unreal:

Could either of you that have some experience with both engines help answer this question, and hopefully help other people in the same boat?