Unity to Unreal converter?

Hi there apparently Unreal are offering grants for games developed with their engine.

Trouble is I’ve been using the Unity game engine so wondering if there are any Utilities to convert games from Unity to Unreal, or if not then are there any good guides or blogs to port games from Unity to Unreal?

I have notices a few blogs on games that have migrated but they tend to be focused on the engine features and results as opposed to the actual porting process and API differences.

So is there a Unity 2 Unreal converter?

Or any really good guides on where to start when transferring from Unity 2 Unreal?


I dont think that there is something like a converter, but you can export stuff out from Unity. So just export the meshes as a fbx/obj files + the textures as png/jpg/tga + sounds and then import them. After that you just have to set up the material. :slight_smile:

I think all the code + level stuff has to be redone in the UE4