Unity to UE5 help..

Good Morning! really hoping someone can help…I found some rock meshes that i absolutely loved, but they were in the unity asset store, i emailed the developer asking if it was ok if i buy them and use them in unreal, he said yes, so i bought them. I exported them and imported into unreal, but the uvs are all messed up, and even applying the texures, they dont look right at all…i am absolutely gutted as they would have worked perfectly…im wondering/hoping someone will be able to help me? i would be SOO dam grateful…thank you so much for your time.

P.s These are the assets i purchased in case it helps : Customizable Rocks And Stones (Stylized) | 3D Landscapes | Unity Asset Store


I’m guessing it’s not a matter of uv maps

“All the shaders are made with Amplify Shader Editor.”

It probably has a shader node network behind it’s logic (accumulating snow etc).
You probably need to rebuild this for it to work.

The page also mentions that the textures are arranged as atlases so it probably does some uv shifts in the shader graph to get the correct offset.

You’d probably need to post a uv unwrap screen shot along with the corresponding textures (you can watermark it if you want) to let people get a better grasp at what the problem is.


Hey there @Nate1232! I recommend that you check out the UV’s and verify they are all good in a program like Blender before importing to UE. Then likely you’ll have to remake the materials as they aren’t quite the same unreal side.

Edit: Oh Raven you’re so quick!

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hey dude, thanks for gettign back to me :), ill get some screenshots and post them, in case they might help ( im still a beginner so if i dont post the correct things i am truly sorry)

thank you so much for getting back to me mate! imma post some screenshots in hopes that itll help :slight_smile:

To recreate the snow effect I would suggest following this tutorial

It should work with your asset pack once you get around the uv texture atlas problem.

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the first are the uvs in blender, second is the normal, and third, is an reao texture…no idea what that is tho

Is that the only uv channel present in the mesh? (could there be uv channel 0,1,2)

If you select other rocks I’m guessing their meshes will fall into the rest of the spots not used on the texture, or are those the uv’s from all meshes already?

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apologies, there are actually 2 rock meshes together in the mesh…this is the second uv. and there is only the one uv channel in both :slight_smile:

thanks again for all your help man…i truly appreciate it :smiley:

I’d open it in Unity first, check the UVs there, then export it to Unreal

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thanks buddy, aye, dont really know unity very well, but after discussing the issue with multiple people yesterday, i am still well and truly baffled lol. the rocks have like 3 uvs…and they are not just using one texture atlas…my head is pickled lol…shame, really liked the rocks …ill keep trying but oof…what a headache :smiley:

Unity has different default coordinates, try rotating the texture to see if you can manage to align the texture correctly

rotating them in unity? or in a external programme like blender? sorry for the noobish question dude, just havent got a clue what unity is capable of :smiley:

Use some custom rotator node in the material editor to see if you can find an angle for your texture, then if you do just create another set of images with the rotation values in some image editor and import those to unreal

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ok cool ill give that a go, thanks buddy :slight_smile: