Unity Store Problems

As large and as potentially useful as the Unity store can be to anyone on a non-Unity project, it is sure being a huge hassle. So I open the unitypackage to get it into the assets folder letting me find the individual parts to import. Then I have to convert the tif files to tga. Then I import, but none of materials are created so I have to go around and link the textures together for some 30+ materials then sit there staring at three different screens so that I can match up the materials to the right elements on the models.

And worse is the bumpoffset never works with unity normals! So not only does it take me hours to get things properly imported, but the **** thing doesn’t even look as good as it would it Unity as a result of the bumpoffset not reading properly.

Oh, oh, and lets not forget problems with smoothing or uv overlap which I’ve had.

Is there any way that I can make this less complicated?

Well, it’s not the purpose of the Unity asset store to provide assets that work in anything but Unity, so you’ll probably have to deal with the issues. The only thing that would help is if you had the original files. Or it might be easier if you import the files back into a 3D program and export again with correct settings for UE4.

But check the terms of use for Unity asset store stuff, you might not be allowed to do that type of thing.