Unity funding round values it at $1.5 Billion...

Will be interesting to see what they do with all that money.

Perhaps proper 2D!

Include plug-ins that should have been there from the start…?
Offer true next gen graphics and not just produce a nice movie?
I like Unity overall, but that’s because it runs on any old hardware.

I wonder why Unity is worth so much more than Epic? It’s hard to find good games made with Unity, but it’s easy to find hundreds of good games made with Unreal Engine, so something is a bit off for some reason.

Unity see Epic as a “tiny competitor”](****ing-around/), and claim there’s no ****ing around with Unity’s pricing model. But the implications here seem anything but clear…
Oh well, if reaching out to users on a daily basis is proportional to company size, then better the little-fish with the better looking engine every time!

Unity see Epic as a “tiny competitor”, and claim there’s no ****ing around with Unity pricing. But the implications here seem anything but clear…
Oh well, if reaching out to users on a daily basis is proportional to company size, then better the little-fish with the better looking engine every time!

because unity has much more users. Its potential to exploit them is huge. Thats one of the big reasons unity went with Unity Ads system.
It’s the same as facebook… they wasn’t making much money but they could easily capitalize on it through advertising.

I believe Unity has made it look like they’re going in this direction because of future investment in VR, but I think it’s more to do with their survival.

I cant see unity doing well in years to come unless they get a huge cash injection.
most of their users won’t pay for pro, even the fanboys laugh at people that do pay.

I’ve been paying for many years but I wont pay anymore. I and many others have realised that unity is good for very simple games but when you want to make impressive projects then it fails to deliver.

others like myself have spent so much money trying to extend unity using the asset store plugins but this has ended up being a misery.
You spend most of the time chasing these plugin authors to get them to fix these tools and sometimes there’s no way of getting hold of them. And when you contact Unity staff to explain that this asset is totally broken they reply with “not our problem you should have read the eula” yep it’s a kick in the teeth when they do this and many people I’ve spoken to would leave Unity in an instant if Unreal had C# support.

Epics business model is the best by far. Its the only win win relationship.

Unity’s business model is get you into the asset store spending your money so they can take their cut. it’s proven to have failed and left a bad taste in the mouths of their users. Unity can see the resentment and they know they can’t do much to fix this situation quickly. Their engine is a spaghetti engine so big or quick changes cant happen. Everytime they change something as little as a font something breaks.
Change a font = break navigation system. how the f…? nevermind I’ll just eat my spaghetti and try to figure out what democratising game development means.

Unity pats itself on the back all the time and try’s to convince us users that they give a sh.t about our wellbeing, but after a few years you realise that unity spends a lot more energy and money on marketing then they do on tools to help their customers.

**let me give you an example. **
To make the their promo demo of the blacksmith look quite impressive they needed to have an effect like occluded atmospheric scattering. so they got their guys to make it so it was just good enough for a promo but not good enough for their customers to use. well if they gave a **** about their customers then why didn’t they finish it? we all wanted to use it in our projects. They didn’t even have the decency to reply to their customers about the issues. many complaints about it being broken or using up too many shader keywords etc.

So why did they do this?
simple… they wanted someone else to learn from it and fix it and then sell it on the asset store. That way they would make money from it’s sales.
The really bad part is that they think they can keep doing this and we wont catch on. lol well we have and I think they’re started to realise that theirs no love for Unity…

oh and the last promo they did, well what a surprise that volumetric fog is being delayed for us to use… hmm far enough away from marketing month. then it will come broken and the same thing will happen.

So you’re probably thinking whats the link with “Unity funding round values it at $1.5 Billion”

The link is unity is not loved and the added features are not needed so customers wont upgrade or purchase pro if they don’t have to. and most people wont be able to finish a commercial product let alone make enough money to reach the target threshold to have to purchase pro.

So that’s why I think the reason being VR investment is bull, it’s more like survival.

Unity rocks!!!

lol yes it does if you keep it very simple…

At the end of the day - It comes down to - Who can make the money from the users who make content from the engine or framework?

Unity maybe early on but not now like @MoHoe said - It is about survival.

I think Unreal Engine has done a good job at that.

April Fools!

Unity has deals on the gambling and military fields, which EpicGames have never really looked into.
There are many companies today that have to pay Unity extra moneis because those use Unity’s runtimes inside of gambling machines and military devices; once they started doing that I began losing respect for them though.

Valuations are inflated all the time, valuations have as much “feels” data as they do real data backing them up.

Unity is worth more because it’s more popular, not because it is a better product or more viable long term.

I worked with Unity professionally for 5yrs and I’ll never go back to an engine without source access, cause that is what Unity taught me.

True, but you miss the point. In order for Unity to gain a valuation of $1.5 billion in a round of funding they have to raise a certain amount of money while giving up a % of their company. That is how the valuation is made. If Unity raised $150 million and that represented 10% of the company, then they are “valued” at $1.5 billion.

Needless to say, this wouldn’t even have made news unless Unity raised hundreds of millions of dollars, so the question is what are they going to do with that money? Dive into hardware? Start producing games in house to compete with Epic? Not sure they could expand their Unity Engine dev team with that amount of money without things becoming a mess.

Will be interesting to watch the announcements coming out of Unity over the next couple years to see what they put together.

I agree and disagree.

  • Unity’s affinity for simplicity is an upside. I love that I can work on our 2D game without the MASSIVE headache that Unreal and other game engines gave us. It’s still missing core features like setting and and getting frames accurately wtf Unity/Unreal why can’t we have this? If it wasn’t for Unity, SSP would be dead.

  • However, everything about Unity screams “cash grab” to me. The broken asset store, the “pro” license, and the fact they won’t just release the source and let the community pitch in. What are the afraid of losing? Their secrets? Epic has SMASHED them in that area, so it could only help them.

I think I’ve seen in the past the devs from various engine areas post some kind of replies to these and it’s always been related to middleware or licensed stuff that they use in a way it would not allow them to share the code fully without special licensing. The full engine code has always been available this way. AFAIK Epic had the similar case but they removed all conflicting parts from the engine and started fresh as a “new” engine without existing customers(?) and now been replacing the removed things with their own as time goes.