Unity C# to UE4 C++ HELP

Hey guys, so I am REALLY new to C++ coding and I’ve been studying the best I can lately to try and convert a C# Unity code plugin, into UE4 C++ plugin. However, due to my lack of knowledge on the matter I have no idea what to do. I began doing a lot of research on the UE4 Documentation pages and converted the code the best I can. I am using Visual Studio to compile my script and there are no errors, but until I finish the code completely I would have no idea if there are actual conflicting issues that may arise. I’m not really asking anyone to do the conversion for me, however I wouldn’t be opposed to that! :smiley: But I would like some pointers or maybe someone to go over my code with me or for me to make sure I am doing things correctly? By the way the code is a FREE community asset from youtube so there is no copyright infringement! Thanks for anyone who took the time to read this!

You may need to post some more info on what you’ve done so far, and what it is etc.

Also this is worth mentioning early, but beware of treating C++ in UE4 like C# in Unity. They’re very different and C++ isn’t meant to be a scripting tool. If you can achieve the same thing in Blueprint, it’s probably best to start there to learn your way around the engine. I see people falling into this trap a lot when they come from Unity.

Thanks for the quick reply! But I feel I’m pretty knowledgeable in blueprints depending on what you’re trying to do of course! Here’s a video of what I am trying to do.

That’s quite a significant project, probably not something that can be ported very easily without fairly extensive knowledge.

I guess as a starting point, you can start looking at the runtime/procedural mesh component systems, and/or looking at other plugins for examples of general plugin structure.

I see, thank you for your advice! I’ll look into it

^ This ^ and check out what others are doing here