Unity assets to ue4

hi, have a real hard time believing im the only one who would love to be able to figure this out, previously worked with unity 3d (pro version) and as a lot of others have done am jumping ship to ue4, in the last few months have bought quite a few nice assets (characters and meshes) and packages (mainly environmental) and could really use a tutorial or help on figuring out how to get them into the editor. most of our characters were bought rigged and animated so sure that complicates things even though guess we could just bring in the meshes and start fresh in the rigging tool kit. any help highly appreciated.

Well lucky for you Unity uses 1 unit = 1 meter which is a real world measurement.

When exporting to UE by FBX you would go Advanced Options > Units > Uncheck Automatic > Scene units converted to > Centimeters.

Been a while since I had to do this so if it does work please confirm.

By the way what 3D application are you using?

If you are using 3ds Max there is actually a very easy way of converting a static model from meters to centimeters, considering it’s just 10 based math.

Start Max fresh. Set your System Unit Setup to 1 unit = 1cm.

Now when you load the asset Max will tell you that the two SUS’s are not the same and if you would like to adopt the files setting or use the current SUS. Select the current setting and your model is now in centimeter.

Rigged character models though are a pain as when loaded in this manner tend to exploded but there is a twitch work around that might work and take no responsibility that it will.

Export the player model to FBX using the convert to centimeters option. Set your SUS to 1 unit = 1 centimeter. Import the player model back into 3ds Max with leave dummies as bones object set.

If your lucky the rigged model will come in with the new SUS setting.

sorry for late response been at work, thanks for the suggestions, will try it hopefully tonight, wonder if its possible to simply bring the static mess into maya and use the ue4 plugins to rerig it in the correct proportions and then reimport the animations ? we have both maya and 3ds max even though it seems maya is more supported with ue4. hopefully this will pickup some interests as we like many others had a lot invested in unity. thanks again for the suggestions so far.

What I have found is that generally, anything from Unity Asset store will need to be scaled by a factor of 100 to be the correct scale in UE4. For me, I did this in Maya. Selected object, changed scale to 100, then fixed settings, then exported new FBX. For static meshes it’s fairly easy and straight forward.

However: The materials and textures will not import correctly, so do not include these when importing into UE4. Simply import the textures manually and then create new materials and plug the textures into where you want them, then put the new material into the empty material slot on the mesh.

For Animated meshes, it’s similar: you will need to scale the mesh by 100 (including the skeleton) then what I found to work, was to import the mesh and skeleton only at first. Then to import each animation separate one by one.

The bigger issue, that I have yet to find an elegant solution for, is that it seems, just about everything from the Unity Asset Store has horrible UV mapping. It totally boggles my mind. UV maps overlap and extend beyond the UV area. I have no idea how anyone created such atrocious UV maps to begin with, nor how you could possibly texture a model with such UV’s - and more, how Unity is able to use such UV’s for light mapping. The issue is, that within UE4 you can not light map the objects with overlapping UV’s. I’ve found that on very few occasions the auto correct UV works.

bshapiro, you have precisely described the situation I am in right now. Even importing FBX’s to 3DSMax then re-exporting as a 2013 FBX does not fix the “wrapping UV’s” error message. 4.5 seemed to remove the option to “generate unique UV’s” right click and edit the mesh now also :frowning: Before I could at least generate them from the “Window” menu, but as side effect was if there were too many polys I could get the “D3DXMesh” error.

When I choose to generate them with the FBX importer’s checkbox option the program hangs on most every mesh I’ve purchased. No issues with Unity.

haggler2, You should post this to https://answers.unrealengine.com/ with more detail. Be sure to be specific about which model(s) you’re having problems with. This will give the UE devs a chance to look at it and see why it hangs when you improt it.