Unity Ads or any other third party ad Integration

What would be easiest way to integrate Unity ads or any other third party ad (other than admob) integration with Unreal made Android games.

Is it possible to open unreal made android game in Android Studio than integrate the Unity ads there?

You can use Universal Mobile Ads plugin which has integrated Unity Ads for Android & iOS: Universal Mobile Ads for iOS & Android - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Well tha’ts looking good other than the price. I’ve few questions, no experience in c++, is it c++ dependent or blueprint can do everything? You don’t need to register for all those supported networks? mopub would pay you? I’ll have full control when and which kind ad will be shown?

Blueprint can do everything. You can use only these ad networks which you want. But it’s necessary to register each ad network which you choose separately and then link this to MoPub. Each ad network pay you separately. You have control when and which ad network will be shown in the specific ad unit but remember that not always ad is available to show (it depends on geolocation and time). More info about implementation you can find in User Guide: https://gamednastudio.com/plugins/docs/UniversalMobileAds_UserGuide.pdf

Ok cool. I’m still wondering if anybody can answer that if it’s really possible to import apk in android studio then it would be possible to integrate unity or other ads, anyway I’ll myself try to experiment on that.

you can use this plugin, it implement Unity ads for unreal engine 4 both android and IOS :